-Video Switcher-

ATEM mini pro ISO~$100

We have an 8 Channel ATEM Mini Pro ISO Video Switcher available for rent for $100/day.

ATEM mini pro~$60

We have a ATEM mini pro4 channel Video Switcher for rent for $60 per day.

-Teleprompter/Face to Face-


Teleprompter/Face to Face prompter. Have your interviewee looking directly into the lens during conversation or while reading a script. Available for $100 per day.

JAM AUDIO & VIDEO is here for all your needs. STAGING and RENTALS included: Your One-Stop Shop

All Rentals will come with a signed contract by all parties, we will also ask for a copy of your Drivers License before leaving with the items. Renters are liable for any and all loss or damages to the items with either equal replacement or charged current value to replace as stated in contract. We are excited to work with you and help you make your production everything you wanted and more!