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From Content to Conversion: Video Production and Video Marketing for Growing Brands


Video is the most consumed, most shared, and highest converting type of marketing content, and over 90% of businesses now use video to reach their audiences online.

JAM AUDIO VIDEO PRODUCTIONS is a full suite video production and video marketing agency rooted in Gilbert, Arizona, with clients reaching from Phoenix to the East Coast. We’re passionate about creating impactful videos that activate your brand with ideal customers.

While we specialize in short form content for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Connected TV; we also produce commercials, brand videos, testimonials, product videos, event videos, explainer videos, educational videos, social media videos, and many more.

It all starts with the right approach.

Our true expertise lies in our ability to produce, distribute, and activate video content across all stages of the customer journey, from organic awareness to retargeting and lifetime customer conversions.


Video Content Strategy

You share your ideas and marketing goals, and we’ll use research, experience, and a bit of intuition to design content that’s built for success.

Commercial Video Production

Video production is a tight balance of logistics, equipment, lighting, footage, music, and graphics. We oversee every step of the process to ensure the best possible results when creating video content for our clients.

Video Marketing

Great looking video is only great if people are looking and taking action. We convert content to ROI by using industry leading campaign automation with proven funnel marketing strategies.

Lets Be Candid

There’s a strong trend towards genuine, unscripted video content that looks effortless with audiences online, but make no mistake: Candid, short form video content still requires an expert strategy.

The best campaigns put personalized video content in front of your ideal audience at exactly the right stages, transforming interest into action. Our approach combines careful content planning, high quality video production and post production, and dynamic marketing automation to create irresistible content experiences that feel natural.

See how a strong video content strategy can make your short form video content stand out.

“As the owner of a small business I know that one the most important factors for being successful is through marketing. The owner Justin was very knowledgeable and professional and his video quality was amazing. We really enjoyed working with JAM and would highly recommend them.”

– Ben J.

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