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  • Juicebox Gold Mount Battery and Charger (95 Watt Hour)Juicebox Gold Mount Battery and Charger (95 Watt Hour)

    Juicebox Gold Mount Battery and Charger (95 Watt Hour)


    The Juicebox Gold Mount battery is the most efficient and cost effective high capacity camera battery you’ll find anywhere. And, to save you hundreds of dollars on a charging system, we’veincluded a high efficiency smart charger. With a long-lasting (95 watt hour) lithium ion core, zero memory effect and compatibility with any standard gold mount system, we’re excited to present to you the solution to all camera power solutions.

  • Juicebox V-Mount & Gold Mount ChargerJuicebox V-Mount & Gold Mount Charger

    Juicebox V-Mount & Gold Mount Charger


    Juiceboxs JBDC-45 is a rapid charger that works with all standard v-mount and gold mount batteries. It connects and charges via your batterys d-tap port and, with a 4.5 amp output, charges batteries very quickly. The JBDC-45 detects when a connected battery is fully charged so it is safe to leave batteries connected indefinitely. The chargers LED light glows red to indicate when it is charging and glows green when a battery reaches full charge.

    The JBDC-45 accepts between 120 and 240 volts and is safe to use with all power outlets, including North American, European and Australian power receptacles. This is the replacement charger for Juiceboxs v-mount and gold mount battery kits.