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  • SGC Lights Magnet Mount AdapterSGC Lights Magnet Mount Adapter

    SGC Lights Magnet Mount Adapter


    These rare earth neodymium Cup magnets are made for holding stuff & that is what they do best. Neodymium magnets are unique because of their extreme resistance to demagnetization and will only lose their magnetism if they’re heated above 176 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Magnets Provides 40 Pounds Of Holding Power
    Maximum Working Temperature 176 F (80 C)
    Material: Sintered Ndfeb Neodymium
    Rating: 14,800 Gauss Pulling Force
    Pole Orientation: Axially Magnetized, The Poles Are On The 1/2″ Thickness
    Coating: ni+Cu+Ni 3 Layer Plated
    Tolerance: All The Dimensions Are +/-0.002in With Coating
    These are not the magnets you played with as children 10-20 times the force of those old time magnets.